Frequently Asked Questions

Do you bag the clippings when you come to cut the grass?

We try to mulch the clippings as much as possible, however if after making a couple passes with the lawn mower and it looks like it’s going to leave clumps, we do put the bag on. If you would like us to bag every time there may be an additional charge.

What do you do with the debris collected from my property?

We leave the grass in bio-degradable paper bags in the same area as your normal trash pickup. We also cut and bundle branches to length, all within city specs. We do charge additional to haul off your debris if you do not want it left for trash pick up.

What is average billing?

Average billing is where we take the total cost of all services you would have in a year’s time and divide by 12 and you pay one flat price per month. Average billing is used to determine your monthly Maintenance Agreement pricing.

What does your 24 hr Guarantee mean?

It means that if you’re not happy with any service we perform, call within 24 hrs and we will go back and fix or redo whatever does not meet your satisfaction. Otherwise we will just catch it the next service. Regardless we want you happy. After the 24-hour period has expired, all work will be considered to have been completed satisfactorily.

Why are monthly winter lawn services needed?

The winter months are November through February, and a weekly service is not necessary unless you over seeded with winter rye grass. For everyone else that doesn’t have winter rye a monthly service is necessary to stay on top of the leaf collection process and keep it looking fresh and tidy for the holidays and family gatherings. However if you have excessive leaves or don’t wish to wait until the next monthly visit, you may request an extra visit for an additional charge.

How does Auto Pay work?

To secure services we need to have a credit card or checking account on file at all times. Monthly pay customers will be charged on or around the first of each month.  Pay as you go will be charged after each service.

What if there is a holiday or it rains?

Sometimes it rains in the morning and weather permitting we still work in the afternoon, sometimes it is a complete washout and we will come the next day. Regardless we try to keep coming until you’re done for the week. If the ground is damp, we can still mow, however we will have to bag it to prevent grass clumps. If there is an observed holiday during the work week all services will be pushed forward a day.

What if I have a lock on my gate?

We recommend that the property owners furnish us with any necessary gate codes. If you have a key lock we can assist you with obtaining a combination style lock. The combination cannot be lost and allows us to enter the property and complete our tasks when you are not home. We will lock the property upon completion. If you choose to unlock the gates for us each week, please be advised that there will be no credit to your account should you forget to unlock it, even if we are running one or more days behind due to rain.

What if I notice damage to my property?

Any property damage that you feel was our responsibility must be reported immediately to our office. We will not be responsible for any repairs or replacement of property that is done without our knowledge or consent.
We will not be responsible for damage to gates that are sagging, missing bolts or hardware, or have rotted or termite damaged wood. If this sounds like your gate we do offer fence repair.
We will gladly repair a sprinkler head that we break with our mowers. Sometimes we will unknowingly break a head, especially when the riser sticks in the ‘up’ position and the grass is thick.

Most times this can be avoided if the heads are properly installed.

A.) The top of the head must be level with the top of the dirt, we should be able to perform a spring scalp without hitting a single head.

B.) Heads that stay in the up position are signs the plastic is old and dry, these heads must be replaced. It is not fair to blame a cut off head, on the lawn service due to aging products. However if A and B do not apply to you we will gladly make arrangements to have the head repaired. We also will not be responsible for third party repairs to sprinkler systems without our consent.

What time and when should I set my Sprinkler System?

During the warm months set your sprinkler to start watering at 3:00 am. By the time it cycles through all the stations, it will be close to sunrise, and will not affect water pressure during morning showers. Please set timer to not water the day of or after your scheduled lawn service. Feel free to water the other 5 days.

What if I have a dog?

Please ensure that any waste is picked up the evening before we are scheduled to mow. Please ensure that dogs are put up on your service day. If you choose to leave your pet out, every effort will be made to ensure that he does not escape (and to catch him) but we cannot be responsible if he does. If you have a dog that looks or even sounds aggressive, and the crew feels uncomfortable about entering the yard they will skip that area until next time. No credits will be given.

What if I need to stop or pause services?

We do require a 24 hour notice to stop a service, no same day stops. Terms and conditions will still apply.

Why do we charge by the bag, when doing an initial lawn service?

We found that at the end of a job the number of bags was in direct proportion to the time spent on the property. We only charge this way for initial lawn mowing and times there are lots of leaves, This system is not used when doing an overall clean up like trimming bushes and trees.

Should I cut back or top off my Crepe Myrtles in the winter?

The question is do you want a splash of color in your landscaping or do you want another shade tree. If you want a splash of color, a Crepe Myrtle must be trimmed down by 25% on average to help control overgrowing. The time to do this will be after all the leaves have dropped. If you want a shade tree, by all means don’t touch the tops. Uncontrolled Crepe Myrtles also have the tendency to grow to touch the bottoms of larger overhanging trees, and this is another instance of yes trim the tops.

Which is least expensive, bagged mulch or bulk mulch?

The price comes out the same; bulk has to be shoveled into the wheelbarrow then shoveled back out again to get target areas like under and behind bushes. With bulk the product costs are less, however the labor rate is higher due to increased time to achieve results. Bagged products can be installed at a faster rate to target areas by simply tossing a bag on your shoulder, walking to the bedding area, ripping open the bag and hand spreading. The bag cost is a little more but the money is saved in the time of installation. There are 9 – 3 cubic ft bags in a yard of bulk mulch.

Why do I need to scalp my lawn in the spring?

In the winter your lawn turns brown and goes dormant. That grass will never turn green again. The green grass for the upcoming season comes from the dormant roots in the ground; the new growth comes up between the old dormant grasses. So if you do not cut the brown grass back your lawn will not have an all green appearance, it will appear to be a brown green mix instead. It’s best to cut the dormant lawn as soon as middle February and at least half the normal cutting height. Scalping with a bag will also collect some of last year’s accumulated dead grass known a thatch.

Is it necessary to sign a contract?

No, it is not necessary to sign an Agreement, you can pay as you go as long as you meet the four service minimum. An agreement is for the long term client who wants to pay the same amount each month year around. We take the money being spent in a year’s time and divide it by 12 months.

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