Outdoor & Living Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens and Outdoor Living Areas are an increasingly popular trend. Outdoor Living Areas are like an extension of your indoor living room. Outdoor kitchens are like having an additional eating and preparation area, outdoors of course. Some people have to choose one over the other because the amount of space available.

So when considering your options, money and space will be your two biggest concerns. So after determining the amount of space were working with, the next step will be determining if you can afford everything at once or we need to break the project into phases.

Pick Your Patio – This is the foundation of your new Outdoor Living Area or Outdoor Kitchen.

  • Cement Patio – which is poured cement (the most economical)
  • Flagstone Patio – which is flat pieces of flagstone mortared on top of cement
  • Pavestone Patio – which are decorative bricks laid in patterns on top of cement.
  • Dry stack Patio – which is a base of decomposed granite with flagstone

Pick Your Shade Structure – this is needed for shade, mount ceiling fans, lighting and of course eventually a flat screen.

  • Pergola – is usually made with cedar posts and have horizontal boards spaced every 12.
  • Pavilion – is a solid roof structure with shingles on top.

Note: Both can be free standing or attached to your house, with a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Once your patio and shade structure has been chosen the only thing remaining is to choose your amenities.

  • Grill – can be free standing or built in.
  • Counter space – we build it with cinder blocks then apply your choice of stone.
  • Add ins – can include a sink, cabinets, drawers and refrigerator.
  • Bar w/seating – we build a higher platform on to the back of the counter.
  • Stone Benches – Great built in seating areas that match the dcor.
  • Fireplace – wood burning or gas.
  • Fire pit – wood burning or gas with glass rocks.
  • Shade Structure add ins – can include ceiling fans, stereo and a flat
    screen. Whether doing all at once or breaking it into phases, let us help you get started.

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Contact us today for your personalized consultation and dont forget to check out the other services we provide.

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